Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Iman Tak Dapat Diwarisi", So How Are You Going To Sculpt Your Children?

People always say "although the parents are Ustaz or Ustazah, it is not a guarantee for their children to be on the right path". This is so true when a friend of mine told me about one of her lecture friends who her mother is a Ustazah always went out for "clubbing". I am not saying that it is a "No" if you want to go for clubbing (some of my lecturers had experienced it just to take a look and felt the environment there which I think it is not a falseness). But for this particular girl, she is not only socializing in the night club but to the extend of taking alcohol and having such a pleasure with their wild party. Sounds good right. She went there with some of her friends who are also in the same course. Her mother never knows about her daughter's night life deeds instead of knowing that her daughter is doing good and praising her for taking a good course in this University. Pity for her mother. That's why some of the students in the lecture hall were looked so drowsy and no doubt they were snoozed while the lecturer was busily explaining and yet there were some students who skipped the class too.

I never have any intention to say that only "anak ustaz and ustazah and parents who are religious teachers" should be blamed. The only thing that I want to highlight here is "Iman tak dapat diwarisi". Although you have give so much care, attention and religious knowledge to your children it still goes astray! (regardless of who you are). Where is the mistake??? (I am still wondering until now how is the best way to raise our kids to be what we expect them to be<- hehee, macam dah ada anak la pulak, tak pa ni planning!).

Last Christmas, my brother and I went back to Langkawi to celebrate it with Daddy and Mummy. While my Daddy and Mummy were busy entertaining our guests (one of the lectures in USM with his wife), my brother and I had decided to go out and grabbed this opportunity for us to chat. It was about 12 am and we were talking about this in one of the stalls along the sea side in Kuah. He reminisced about our childhood where I was brought up by my adorable aunt who I used to call her "Mak" while he was brought up by Mummy. He used to tell me that he didn't want to go to Germany at the age of 13 when Mummy had planned to live there with Daddy for a couple of years. Can you imagine at the age of 13, he had decided to live at the hostel rather than going to Germany? The only reason that he gave to my Mummy was "Nasrin tak mau tinggal GF kat sini la Mummy". I know the hidden reason of this instead of saying because of his GF...hehehee..(lawak betul la abangku sorang nih). He was so insisted with his decision until Mummy said that he should live with Pak Lang. One thing about Mummy that is irresistible is she would never force us whenever we had decided on something to fit in our life. She believed and put her trust on us. She always reminds us to tell the truth whenever we did a mistake. She said "Remember that if you are lying to me on your mistake, it means you have done 2 mistakes and it's even worse!". Back to my brother, the most important thing that I would like to emphasize here is when he felt so much disappointed and frustrated or sometimes felt lonely because Mummy was far away, he never ever did a silly thing. I was so touched by the story of his life and deep in my heart i felt he 's strong brother that I have. He is always been independent which is really contrastive to myself who is always being pampered by people around me (dari dulu sampai sekarang, if there are two things that my Mummy had bought, I would be the first to choose, dia akan beralah or even tak simpan apa2 perasaan pon if I get more than him and it same goes to me).

But how would my brother could think wisely in doing things instead of he can do anything that he wanted because Mummy was not here at that particular time to always guide him. Alhamdulillah that he was strong enough and he could manage his life well through the hardship and most importantly he had his on thoughts which always brought him on the right track. At that night, we also promised to ourselves that we would be a good son and daughter, and be a good husband and wife and also be a good father and mother later on. Amiin...

come and dance! huh...

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  1. Huhu.. Real honest story.. ^^
    keep on writing.. :)

  2. What else can we say Alin....org sekarang ramai yg hanyut, dan pandangan terhadap agama menjadi tlalu liberal....

  3. Dewi: Thank you for reading my writing and my thoughts and being supportive to the new blogger like me (i have zero knowledge in blogging before this,just started it)...i'll write more k :))

  4. Tuah Cendana: That would be my concern...mcm mna kita nak didik anak2 kita nanti ae? I always keep on thinking about this...takot :(

  5. mmg takut memikirkan klu t ad anak
    n how will they behave.,
    klu suami bley le di ceraikan klu anak??huhu.
    tp insyllh cb yg terbaik.utk ang cik lin(pesanan tuk bkl ibu mithali)hahha

    but 1 thing for sure isu clubbing nh,
    first attempt,nk g mlwt?nk tgk environment?
    such claim r so damn cliche'
    for those naive people.
    poor them,,

  6. nice post! i envy u for having the skill to write sth like this..

  7. Izariah: Anak ialah zuriat keturunan..Risau-risau, Sgt lah risau..mcm mana la zaman mendatang..Agaknya camnila yg mak kita dok risau2..Tambah2 anak pompuan pulak...(semoga mnjadi ibu mithali)Amiin...

    I think it's ok to take a look...Unless we don't do anything wrong there and don't over limit...Cliche kn? Sekali ja plss..hehee :P

  8. Napeace Shuaa: Thank You! My writing is based on my experiences/thoughts/point of view and how I perceived people/society around me...This is among my thousands of schematas about life..I bet you also have it too!