Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am a Blogger now!

Hi World! I don't know where to start and I don't know what to write for my first entry in my first blog. It never comes across my mind that I will have one due to the time constrain and my terrific procrastination which deteriorate my passion in giving some thoughts from my own perspective through this virtual device. At last, I'm glad to have one!

I get the idea to have this blog from several of my long-time-school-friends (respectively my secondary friends - Izariah, Peng, Aida and so so on)...hehehe Thank You girls! Actually all the ideas and thoughts were always been visionary for me since almost 2 years ago when I was inspired by a thoughtful blogger who is currently written about her family and people around her (she is Haziq's youngest aunt). But I had restricted myself to write anything at that time although I had so much to tell that my head cramped with a lot of things because I was not mentally and physically prepared to have it, hehehe... The only reason why I have started to have this blog is to convey my ideas on certain issues that I feel concerned and not to mention that it would definitely never lose so that my writing is eternal as long as the "blogspot" is still well functioning. =) mcm Sonnet 18 la pulak!...

This is how my impromptu blog goes. Last night, I gave him a call asking on his opinion to create a blog. Then he resiliently answered "Orang yang suka buat blog ni macam orang yang suka jaga tepi kain orang ja. Orang tulis, baca..Orang tulis, baca.." I can't stop laughing when he said that. lol XD. I knew him well, his idea would always be different from others although he never meant it. I told him, "Memang bila tulis ni intention penulis tuh nak orang lain baca, penulis tuh mcm 'attention seeker' rr" (indirectly refers to myself as the author, stup** betol saya, hehehe). He laughed at me back realizing the "attention seeker" is referring to myself, lol.(Yes! I do seek for attention sometimes but only to the particular people who are closed to me). The conversation went through until I decided to have a blog and he gave me encouragement which I felt so thankful. Thank You Dear ;) Now, here I am in front of my outdated laptop writing on my FIRST ATTEMPT in blogging. yeahh!


  1. ello Alin... long time no see aaa... alih2 dah ada blog eh. happy blogging and keep it up! =)

  2. huih2..first n utmost(len dr yg len nh),,hahha dasat btoi nama org kat ats tuh,,ngeh2,
    k.pas sm2 blogging.hehhe.
    nice blog,!
    keep on writing,mn tau t tersenarai dlm top list blog kt industri blogging nh,,hehhe

  3. AJ: Helloo...yes, long time no see you too..dh tgk rmai kwn2 buat blog...baca2 mcm bes and terasa mcm nk meluahkan pendapat yang selalu terbenam nih...tq for your support Aj! =)

  4. Izariah : hehehee..kena la mention nama org kt ats tuh,credit! Mari kita bersama-sama meluahkan pendapat mengenai dunia skrg...kitanya interest kn lebey kurang..haha,xda maknanya sampai tahap top list tuh...tq for your support too izars! Let's blogging!