Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Heart is NOT a Punching Bag!

WE are moving towards a society that is more 'INDIVIDUALISTIC'! My heart is being punched continually by the cruelty of our society. It took me into tears when I read the news of Syafia Humairah who was not related to myself at all, but her suffering seemed very much close to me like I felt it too. It was a tragic murder. How could a man STOMP a 3 yo child and she had been abused to DEATH in the PRESENCE of many people??? He must be out of human being (yes he is-under drug influence)! How could a MOTHER give full of TRUST to the person who is NOT related to her at all??? And the worst thing is how could the SOCIETY just STAND STILL on the side to watch it???!!! It is so soo sadistic!...I cannot imagine if the incident happens to my own child, my nephews, my nieces, my cousins or other children that I know if the society is just standing on the side and watching that 'animal' stomping and beating a child rather than stopping it. It is worse than animal, an evil I think! An autopsy conducted revealed that Syafia suffered internal injuries, bleeding in the head, abdomen and kidney, and bruises and scratches on her cheek, neck and back due to the injuries. It’s so painful :'(

My society, is your society too...I'm afraid of my society, I'm afraid of going outside, I'm afraid of meeting this kind of society...Why should this society becomes more individualistic especially the society in the big city? Houses are being locked all the time, doors are being shut or even the windows. Children cannot play in front of the house without parents’ supervision (I understand that they do all of these to protect their children and family because there are lots of crimes). But indirectly, it's more likely like living in the cage! It is rare for the neighbours to have a conversation together or even worse, some of them didn't know their neighbours' name. Then, the saying "Mind Your Own Business" has been used as the symbol of privacy and people feel really contented when there is a disaster such Syafia's death.

While I'm writing this entry, it comes across my mind, my hometown and my beloved nephews in Alor Star who always playing in front of the house in the evening with other neighbours' children. I am so happy to see them running, cycling and playing. Even I myself sometimes joined them up to play "Mencari harta karun" , "Fishing", "Quiz", "Cycling" or I'm just laughing to see them act like one of the famous TV shows, "Seekers" (they act exactly like 'Uncle seekers', 'the crew' and also 'orang yg kena tunggu hantu tuh'...hahaha). I also know my neighbours' children very well and my mother sometimes give them some 'makan-makan' like 'biscuits', 'nuts' or 'cucur apa-apa yang mak buat'. Sometimes, they always asked me "Kak Lin nak join tak main aci ligan, nenek - nenek, aci sembunyi...and bla..bla..blaa..?? hahaha...I answered, "I'm already 21 yo lar Dear, malu nak main dengan budak-budak kecik berlari ke sana sini depan rumah jiran-jiran"(nanti mak, ayah, abang *hampa tengok maluuu<--dalam hati)...hahaha..But sometimes I feel bored watching TV so I just 'hentam ja la main dengan budak-budak pn'!!! Then my mom would say to my brothers, "Tengok tuh kanak-kanak TUA!"..hahaha :D Back to the topic, then I try to compare my small society with the big city society, I start to realize that there are so much differences.

I always think that my neighbourhood in my 'taman' can be considered as a safe place (Alhamdulillah, there's no cases on child abuse and crime yet). But I think I'm wrong. Regardless of wherever city/state/place that we stay, there is a threat. Expect the unexpected! So, keep an eye on your children, little bro and sis, nephews, nieces, cousins or even your neighbours' children too. This advice is meant for me and you, "Please don't be too individualistic" if you love your own society and your own flesh and blood...

:: The Anak Daras are my nieces =) ::

:: The eldest nephew...mcm BF dengan GF pulak =D ::
:: My Buah Hati ::

:: My Happiness ::

:: My Joy ::

*I can't imagine if one of them is being abused/beaten by the evil one and yet no one cares to stop it...Ya Allah, jauhkan lah mereka dan kanak-kanak yang lain daripada bencana ni semua...Amiin..

Glossary Bahasa Kedah:
*hampa - korang/awak semua (pelat KL/bahasa baku)

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